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We charge $1.79 per pound for Wash and Fold services (ironing not included).

Look Your Best Thanks to Our Reliable Dry Cleaners in Chicago and Frankfort, IL

We’ve all got those special articles of clothing that we love to wear and feel great while wearing them. You know the ones, such as the natty wool coat that looks like it came from one of the finest design houses or the dress that is the perfect combination of showy and understated elegance.

When it comes time to maintain those pieces, you have to turn to the professionals — dry cleaners in Chicago and in Frankfort, IL — you can trust to return your garment looking as good as new. With over 10 years of experience to draw upon, the team at Star Cleaners ensures that whatever you drop off at our shop will be treated with the utmost delicacy and thoroughness.

Tough stains don’t frighten us no matter how deeply they’ve attached themselves to whatever item of clothing you’ve brought to us for attention. We are always up to that challenge and provide results that will have you coming back to our shop time and again.

Leave the Work to Us

The demands of modern life never seem to lessen, just the opposite in fact. Spare time is at a premium if you can find it at all, and, when you do get some time to yourself, you do not want to spend it slaving away at household tasks. When you need laundering services and would rather not try to fit washing your clothes, towels, and bedding into your jam-packed calendar, rely on our friendly and dependable staff to take care of your needs.

A Full-Service Shop

It’s not just clothes we clean either, although that is a large portion of the work we do for our satisfied customers. We offer comprehensive services for cleaning other articles and blinds or rugs.

When you take advantage of these useful laundry services, it’s an effective way to reduce the risk of allergies by reducing the amount of dust and pollen, which can get trapped in rugs and on blinds. Not only that, clean rugs and blinds make your home look great.

There isn’t much that smells or feels better than freshly laundered clothing or a favorite blanket you like to curl up in on chilly nights. Get that feeling any time you want by calling on Star Cleaners for outstanding and attentive service. We are where cleaning begins.

Contact us to learn more about our services. We proudly serve customers in Chicago and Frankfort, IL, and the surrounding areas.

(815) 534-5917
(773) 756-5572

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Visit our dry cleaners in Chicago and Frankfort, IL for services that make your clothing and bedding look like new.

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(855) 334-8955


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(773) 756-5572

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Frankfort is Temporarily Closed:

The Frankfort store experienced a most unfortunate incident a few weeks ago when someone lost control of their vehicle and drove into the store. We are urging our customers to come in and pick up any out standing orders before the repair work begins. We will be closed at this location for at least 2 months during the repairs.

Frankfort Phone:
(815) 534-5917

Frankfort Address:
19854 S Harlem Avenue
Frankfort, IL 60423

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